Q&A with Michael Levi

Senior Fellow for Energy and Environment at the Council on Foreign Relations Michael Levi is a blogger and author, most recently of The Power Surge: Energy, Opportunity and the Battle for America’s Future.

Levi talks to Bryan Walsh, Senior Editor and energy and environment writer for TIME magazine about Canadian oil sands, ‘the myth of energy and independence and why we need a negotiated peace settlement to end energy wars’.

In his Ecocentric column in a piece entitled Energy, Independence and Other Myths, Walsh dubs Levi his ‘favourite energy wonk’, ‘a smart, pragmatic observer of the energy wars‘ and of Levi as a writer says he ‘knows how to cut through specious arguments on both sides of the energy and climate debate while keeping in target the bigger challenges…

Not only is this Q&A well worth a read, for it’s scope, vision and vibrant humour, but it looks very much like the book is too.  Certainly Walsh rates it ‘one of the best analyses of the amazing changes taking place in the energy sphere today’.  Do take a look.