GMF launch Lugar Institute for Diplomacy and Congress: Lugar and Kerry attend

The German Marshal Fund of the United States last week officially launched The Richard G Lugar Institute for Diplomacy and Congress which will:

work to change the way the United States Congress relates to the International community by improving communication and understanding betweek the Washington diplomatic corps and Congress.

The occasion was attended by senators – including Senator Lugar himself – members of the House of Representatives and US Secretary of State, John Kerry.  They were joined by founding members of the Lugar Diplomacy Institute – Ambassador Srdjan Darmanovic of Montenegro, Ambassador Rachad Bouhlal of Morocco and founding partner Wolfgang Pordzik of DHL.

President of GMF, Craig Kennedy, observed that

GMF’s work is becoming increasingly global, beyond the traditional transatlantic frame.  The Lugar Institute’s mission of strengthening ties between diplomats and lawmakers in Washington fills a great need to support robust diplomacy in a complex globalised world.

Here are more details, including the GMF press release.

The German Marshall Fund of the United States strengthens transatlantic cooperation on regional, national and global challenges and opportunities in the spirit of the Marshall Plan.

Miriam Maes is Senior Fellow of the GMF’s Climate and Energy Program which aims ‘to advance transatlantic leadership on scalable policy and business solutions to reduce the risks of climate change and achieve a low-carbon, secure, and affordable energy future, while conserving natural resources’.

[updated to include details of The German Marshall Fund of the United States]