US Mayors Divestment Campaign….

Jeff Glaze reports in The Wisconsin State Journal that on Thursday, Mayor Paul Soglin announced that Madison will join nine other US cities in a campaign to encourage divestment of city funds from the fossil fuel industry.

In the campaign to pull city funds from the fossil fuel industry, Madison and Bayfield now join cities from 5 other US states including Seattle and San Francisco .

The Divestment Campaign is led by The Mayors Innovation Project (MIP), a ‘learning network of American mayors committed to ‘high road’ policy and governance: shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, efficient democratic government’ in conjunction with an organisation devoted to ‘building a global movement to solve the climate crisis’.

Read more about the MIP Divestment Campaign here

You can download the pdf on MIP Divestment From Fossil Fuels: a guide for city officials and activists here.

This is a promising campaign.  Could Europe follow suit?